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TeletextIt’s hard to launch a product into a market place where that kind of product already exists. Then it’s particularly Microtext Press Release Photo Click to view satisfying when your product soon becomes the market leader. That’s exactly what happened back in the early nineties when Microtext launched a teletext decoder for the PC. A major part of the launch was the press release and a significant role was played by this photograph…

Taken well before the days of computer based photo editing the picture was produced by 1) taking a picture of the teletext card against a black background, 2) Taking another picture of the teletext card with a Polaroid back on the camera, then, 3) Cutting out the poloroid print, spraying it matt black and suspending it via cotton threads between the camera and the computer screen.

The press released was published in the news sections of all of the major computer magazines at the time including some which still exist today such as Personal Computer World and Computer Shopper. Microtext featured in the news sections alongside names like Novell, IBM, Lotus and Microsoft.