Triple Boot HP 4530s

Triple Boot – Windows XP, Windows 7 & OS X Lion on Hp ProBook 4530s

Install a new drive. You will need a pendrive containing OSX Lion & rBoot Le.

Boot from the rBoot CD, select the pendrive (usb) then select Utilities / Disk Utility from the 2nd screen. Select your new drive on the left, on the right click Partition at the top, click Current and select 4 partitions. Check that GUID Partition Table is selected in Options. Click Partition 1 (Untitled 1) set the name to “Lion” (without the quotes) Format to Mac OS Extended (Journaled) size 30Gb. Partition 2 “W7” Format: MSDOS (FAT) Size 60Gb, Partition 3: “Data” 380Gb (or there-abouts) Format MSDOS (FAT): . Check the name & size of each one then click Apply.

In order to install XP successfully it seems essential that the partitions are in the above order.

Close Disk Utility and Shutdown the laptop by holding down the power button.

Install Windows XP Professional, full guide here.

Next a fresh install of Windows 7 then add EasyBCD from NeoSmart to get the XP boot option back.

Install OS X Lion, look for the Installing Lion guide here.


Microtext XP Installation CD guide for the G7000 / C700

Insert the CD. At startup press F10. Right cursor key to System Configuration to check that SATA Native Support says

(the laptop will be slightly faster if this is set to enable). If it is not set to Enable then cursor down to it and press enter, cursor up to Enable and press enter. Right cursor to Exit, press return twice.

At the restart press F9, make sure DVD drive is the first item press enter. The laptop should now show the message “Press any key to boot from the CD….” Press one, quick !

The screen will go blue for about 3 minutes. Select drive c: for the install, delete the existing partition then format using NTFS (Quick). After around 10 minutes the computer will reboot, leave the CD in the drive and don’t press anything when it says “To boot from CD…”

Enter a username and click next. Enter your Windows XP Professional product key and click next. Set the computer name to G7000 or C700, leave the password field blank and click next. The computer will reboot once more.

At the welcome screen click next / Help protect / next / Skip / No, Remind me / next / No then enter a user name and click next / Finish then click on your username. The XP screen will appear and all of the drivers will have been installed, simple !

To make the Blue wireless LED function correctly from Start / My Computer double click on the G7000 CD icon, double click Extras then double click the Atheros Blue Wireless LED icon, click yes then OK. The Blue Wireless Light will now function correctly after the next boot.